In response to the safety measures our community is taking which discourages social gatherings such as our beloved weekly market meet-ups -  we introduce to you, 904 Local Food Hub. Come get the same, locally grown goods you'd normally find at our markets, in a safe, organised and consciously contained environment. Details below:

  • Who: 904

  • What: 904 Local Food Hub

  • When: Ramping up this week, with full vendor set up by Friday-Saturday

  • Where: The Pickle Factory, 5913 St. Augustine Road, unit 5, Jacksonville, FL 32207

  • Why: Local food for 904.

Interaction Protocols at 904 Local Food Hub:

  1. Please remain in your car until it's your turn.

  2. Keep a 6 foot distance from others. Avoid touching tables and price lists.

  3. Come with an idea of what you're purchasing- we'll need your help to keep the line moving.

  4. Install Venmo before coming. No cash or cards.

Links to Vendor Price Sheets:

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Our local networks, communities, and neighborhoods have always been the lifeblood of our economies. Now is our time and our opportunity to truly come together.


T: 904-404-9414

E: ConsciousContainment@gmail.com

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