Mindfulness Based Mental Health Resources

This is a time of massive challenge and uncertainty. Many are struggling with feelings of loss, loneliness, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety.

We are here for you, ready to be of service.

We are a collaboration of mindfulness-based facilitators offering one-on-one sessions for 'pay-what-you -want' rates at this time.


Each of these certified facilitators can:

  • Guide you through a restful, guided meditation that brings you back to the here and now

  • Facilitate an inquiry session for you

  • Teach you simple, mindfulness-based tools to help you settle your nervous system throughout each day

  • Or we will gladly sit as a quiet, nonjudgmental presence and openly receive what you want to share.


You may sign up for a 45 minute session here (suggested donation range from $1-50).


If this interests you and you would like the support of a one-on-one session, then please click this link to

schedule an appointment.

As a community we are showing up and making a conscious decision to all trust each other. While this platform is not intended for ongoing session scheduling, we are responding to meet needs as they arise and offer support. If this work resonates with you, and you'd like to schedule ongoing sessions and have the financial resources to do so, we encourage you to coordinate follow up sessions with your individual facilitator. We also believe that cost should NEVER be a barrier to healing, and we are here to serve. 

To read more about self inquiry and mindfulness, click here.


Our local networks, communities, and neighborhoods have always been the lifeblood of our economies. Now is our time and our opportunity to truly come together.


T: 904-404-9414

E: ConsciousContainment@gmail.com

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